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Ji Chang Wook and Wi Ha Joon will promote “The Worst of Evil” in Japan even before its release

by Amber Simmons
The Worst of Evil

Actors Ji Chang Wook and Wi Ha Joon are working hard to promote their new drama “The Worst of Evil”

According to a report by iMBC Entertainment on September 19th, Ji Chang Wook and Wi Ha Joon will participate in the promotion of Disney Plus’s original series “The Worst of Evil” in Japan and meet with local fans. The two are scheduled to leave for Japan on September 20th.

The Worst of Evil

Set in the 1990s, “The Worst of Evil” is a crime action drama about police officer Jun Mo (Ji Chang Wook) infiltrating a criminal organization, known as the center of illegal drug trades between Korea, China, and Japan, to investigate and catch them. 

It is a new series by Han Dong Wook, who made his directing debut with “When a Man Loves” after working as an assistant director for various films, such as “The Unjust”, “Nameless Gangster” and “New World”. Screenwriter Jang Min Seok of “Secret Reunion” was in charge of writing the script, raising expectations for an in-depth story.

“The Worst of Evil”, which will air as the follow-up series to “Moving”, is expected to become a global hit as various promotional activities, including promotion events in Japan and meetings with fans, have been planned.

Meanwhile, “The Worst of Evil” will premiere on Disney+ on September 27th.

Source: Daum

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