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Japanese Select Best K-pop Vocalists– Why Is Result Controversial?

by Anna-Liisa Haapakoski

In an online community, fans’ and netters’ views were divided after seeing the poll’s result for the best K-pop vocalists among male singers, selected by Japanese fans. Why is it controversial?

On May 8, a poll conducted by a Japanese website made a buzz among fans and K-Netz after selecting the best male vocalists in the K-pop scene.

(Photo : Nate)
BTS Jungkook 

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In particular, about 47,533 users voted for their respective picks and as a result, BTS Jungkook was crowned as first place with 5,217 votes. He was then followed by SEVENTEEN DK in second place (4,260 votes and third place by NCT Taeil (2,612 votes). Stray Kids Seungmin and TVXQ Yunho then completed the TOP5 as fourth and fifth place, respectively.


(Photo : SEVENTEEN DK (News1))

NCT Taeil

(Photo : Twitter || @SMTOWNGLOBAL)

NCT Taeil

Here are the TOP20 results as voted by the Japanese:

  1. BTS Jungkook
  2. SEVENTEEN Dokyeom
  3. NCT Taeil
  4. Stray Kids Seungmin
  5. TVXQ U-Know Yunho
  6. SHINee Onew
  7. BTOB Eunkwang
  8. TVXQ Changmin
  9. JYJ Junsu
  10. SHINee Jonghyun
  11. ATEEZ Jongho
  12. Stray Kids Han
  13. BTS Jin
  14. TXT Taehyun
  15. JYJ Jaejoong
  16. BTS Jimin
  17. EXO Baekhyun
  18. SEVENTEEN Seungkwan
  19. Super Junior Kyuhyun
  20. ASTRO MJ

20 Best Male Singers Voted By Japanese Becomes Controversial– Here’s Why

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(Photo : Isntagram: @j.m)
BTS Jimin 

While some fans and netizens agreed with the list, there are rather more K-pop enthusiasts who raised their brows against the final rankings for various reasons.

First, some netters are not convinced about BTS Jungkook being #1. Although people applaud the star’s beautiful voice, netters are pointing out there are more idols who are skilled and better than him when it comes to singing. Those who thought so added that Jungkook secured the seat because of his popularity, rather than skills alone.

  • “Jungkook sings well, but honestly I don’t think he deserves to be the No. 1.”
  • “This is not a ranking based on skills, it’s about popularity.”

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(Photo : TVXQ Yunho)

Secondly, web users are shocked that the idols who were actually considered top-tier when it comes to vocals didn’t make it even in the top 5. In fact, there is a lot on the list who made fans doubt the result.

Among the 20 male idols, BTS Jimin and Jin, TVXQ Yunho, as well as TXT Taehyun, were pointed out as those who “didn’t deserve their spots” and “only won because of popularity.”

  • “Yunho, Jun, Jimin and Taehyun, why are they here?”
  • “Those who selected Yunho, Jin and Jimin have no conscience.”
  • “The ranking is weird. Jimin even caused controversy for his encore.”
  • “I can’t believe Yunho even ranked higher than Changmin.”

BTS Jin, transformed into a fisherman... 'Admiration' visual bloomed in the sea

(Photo : Jin (BTS Twitter)

TXT Taehyun: Ambitious or Arrogant? Fan Backlash Over Controversial Remarks

(Photo : Nate)
TXT Taehyun

In addition to this, some people were criticizing the poll’s title and are saying that they should change it to favorite male singers by Japanese, rather than “best” vocalists.

Other than that, netizens agree with the other idols on the list, especially SEVENTEEN DK, Jaejoong, SHINee Jonghyun, NCT Taeil and more.

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Written by Eunice Dawson.

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