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Jang Sung-kyu Visits Song Min-ho’s Home on the Eve of Enlistment and Encounters a Mysterious Woman(?)

by Amber Simmons

TV personality Jang Sung-kyu stormed into the house of WINNER’s Song Min-ho and discovered a “woman(?)”.

Recently, a video titled “I Woke Up Slimmed-Down Song Min-ho at 6 AM and Fed Him | Let’s Eat Breakfast EP. 1″ was released on the YouTube channel ‘Fun Stuff Coming Up’.

On that day, Jang Sung-kyu raided Song Min-ho’s house early in the morning. He cautiously entered Song Min-ho’s bedroom while he was sleeping and played WINNER’s hit song “REALLY REALLY” as a wake-up call.

However, Song Min-ho didn’t react, so Jang Sung-kyu started singing “Really Really” himself, but the results were dismal.


In a last-ditch effort, Jang Sung-kyu desperately called out to Song Min-ho, trying to wake him up, which caused laughter. After Jang Sung-kyu’s efforts, Song Min-ho finally woke up from his sleep.

Jang Sung-kyu asked Song Min-ho, “I heard you have a very important schedule today, so I came to cheer you on. Your expression looks dark, but is your heart okay?” Song Min-ho replied with a completely unwell expression, saying, “I’m fine,” and brought smiles to everyone.


At this moment, Jang Sung-kyu bombarded Song Min-ho with a shocking question. He said, “By the way, you were with a woman, right? Excuse me, but what kind of relationship is it?” Song Min-ho responded, “I have a girlfriend,” attracting attention.

The identity of the woman on the bed turned out to be a pillow with a (female) character drawn on it.

After finishing the house tour, Jang Sung-kyu prepared spicy braised short ribs for Song Min-ho’s breakfast. The reason Jang Sung-kyu prepared such a special meal was that it was a special day for Song Min-ho (the recording day).


It was the day just before his enlistment. Jang Sung-kyu cheered for Song Min-ho, saying, “May I feed you the first spoonful with supportive feelings? Finish today’s final schedule for WINNER and have a good time in the military.”

Meanwhile, Song Min-ho, born in 1993, enlisted in the army training center on March 24th and began his alternative military service as a social service worker.

Source: wikitree

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