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IU donates 300 million won to commemorate 15th debut anniversary

by Amber Simmons
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Singer-actress IU marked her 15th debut anniversary on Sep 18th by spreading positive influence

The agency EDAM Entertainment announced that IU, in celebration of this milestone, donated a total of 300 million won to 3 organizations in the name of “IUAENA” (IU + her official fan club UAENA).

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The donation to Asan Medical Center will be used to support economically vulnerable youth and female cancer patients who fall into medical welfare blind spots. The contribution to the Korea National Association of Child Welfare will go towards improving facilities in nationwide child welfare facilities that were affected by typhoon damage. Lastly, Seoul Child Hospital will utilize the funds for medical expense support for marginalized groups and the remodeling of developmental centers to create a better treatment environment.

IU said through her agency on Sep 17th, “Thanks to our UAENA, who have always given me generous support, I am sincerely delighted to be able to share warmth with society. As IUAENA, we have created memories and shared precious experiences together, which has always given me great motivation. Just as I have received valuable love from all of you, I believe that I can also share it with others and be the starting point for small changes in someone’s life. Thanks to UAENA, I am always learning gratitude. I love you, and I’ll see you soon.

Source: Nate

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