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ITZY Lia Breaks Silence on Health Issues, Pens Letter To MITZYs— Here’s What She Spills

by Anna-Liisa Haapakoski

ITZY Lia, who recently made headlines for halting her promotions due to health concerns, has taken to pen and paper to personally address the group’s devoted fanbase, the MIDZYs.

Lia’s heartfelt letter has shed light on her health struggles and provided insight into her decision to step away from the limelight temporarily.

ITZY Lia Breaks Her Silence on Health Struggles, Writes Heartfelt Letter to MITZYs

ITZY Lia began her letter with a warm greeting, acknowledging the inevitable shock and concern that her fans must have experienced upon learning of her health issues.

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She expressed her deep appreciation for the unwavering support and care that MIDZYs have consistently shown her, emphasizing that their well-being is her utmost priority.

Lia reminisced about her incredible six-year journey with her fellow ITZY members, sharing that their shared dreams and the unswerving support of MIDZYs were the driving forces behind their remarkable success.

The group has weathered numerous challenges and created countless cherished memories together.


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However, Lia’s letter took a more introspective turn as she candidly revealed that the relentless pace of her career had caused her to lose sight of herself.

Despite the many joyous moments she had experienced, she had been gradually neglecting self-care, and she recognized the need to prioritize her well-being.

In a touching declaration of love and gratitude towards her fans, Lia vowed to return to the stage healthier than ever.

She pledged to use her time away to “first love myself, filling myself up” so that she could continue to provide happiness and love to the MIDZYs who had always supported her.

ITZY Lia's Letter to MITYZYs

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You can read English transcription of ITZY Lia’s letter to fans here:

“Hello MIDZY.

I think our MIDZYs would’ve been shocked after finding out about today’s news. Whenever I am even the least bit sick, it is MIDZY who worries for me more than anyone else. So, I was worried that you guys would be sad and hurt over today’s news. But I also know that you guys are the ones who know me better than anyone else, and trust in me. So, I was able to gain courage, knowing that you guys will understand me and wait for me.

It’s somehow become 6 years since I met the other members with the same dream and have come this far! It is entirely thanks to the members and MIDZY that we were able to make it here after all that time.

I think we really continuously overcame many things that happened. In that process, of course there are many memories we made together, and many happy moments. Although these are so precious to me, I’ve come to realize that I’ve slowly been losing myself as I ran forward.

As I am the most thankful to you guys, I also want to provide you with lots of love and happiness. I thought that in order to do that, I need to take some time right now and first love myself, filling myself up.

Just as I’ve always been saying, I sincerely hope that MIDZYs will be happy. I will come back healthy, so that I am able to pay you back for waiting and worrying for me. I’m always thankful, and I love you.”

— Lia

While the content of Lia’s letter offers a glimpse into her personal struggles and determination to recover, the exact nature of her health issues remains undisclosed.

ITZY Lia’s Health Concerns Ignite a Wave of Well-Wishes on Twitter from MIDZYs

When fans worldwide received a heartfelt message from Lia, offering insights into her health struggles, they quickly went to Twitter (hereinafter X) to share their sentiments.


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MIDZYs (fandom) around the world were quick to shower her with love and encouragement, leaving heartfelt messages in response to her candid communication.

Read their comments below:

  • “Getwell soon our LoveLia. Your health is what matters the most! We will wait for your healthy comeback. We love you so much!”
  • “Health is Number 1, get well soon Lia”
  • “Starting today ITZY will be promoting as four members as Lia would take a long hiatus. this hits different”
  • “it takes a lot of courage from lia to make this decision she is going through a really tough time and am happy she is putting herself first to recover and come back stronger than ever”
  • “please jisu whenever you feel ready to come back, know that we are all here waiting for you, let’s be happy and healthy and thank you for your hard work for the past 5 weeks you did so well our love lia i love you. Sending you hugs”
  • “Never lose this beautiful smile. We’ll wait for you, Lia! We love you.”

As Lia embarks on her journey towards recovery and self-discovery, the outpouring of support from her fans continues to demonstrate the strong bond between ITZY and the MIDZYs.

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