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Inspirits Thrilled Over INFINITE Sungkyu’s New Company & Group’s Upcoming Activities: ‘2nd gen kings are returning

by Anna-Liisa Haapakoski

INFINITE Sungkyu has reportedly established a company that contains all the group’s trademarks, leading Inspirits to speculate their comeback.

Here are the details.

INFINITE Sungkyu Reportedly Establishes Company, Inspirits React to Claims

INFINITE’s leader Sungkyu is reported to have established a company which holds all the group’s rights and trademarks.


(Photo : Facebook: INFINITE)

The claims were found on May 6, when internet users saw that Sungkyu was registered as the representative of a new company called “INFINITE Company.”

The company was also established on January 19, and on April 21, the group’s trademark and rights were transferred. Moreover, INFINITE now owns the rights related to their upcoming activities.


(Photo : INFINITE Facebook)

These include the rights to their group name, fandom name, and the titles for their concerts. In the trademark reports, it disclosed that the group’s name INFINITE, fandom name Inspirit, as well as their 2017 concert titles, were displayed in the layout.

Inspirits were filled with nothing but anticipation from the reports, as they expressed their excitement with INFINITE’s potential comeback. The claims also spread on various social media platforms, where it reached fans who indefinitely waited for INFINITE’s return.


(Photo : INFINITE Facebook)

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Read their comments here:

“I am so happy. Infinite always fought for the group. They are one of those groups whose bond really does shine. I am beyond happy and cannot wait for new music from them.”

“As a long time Infinite fan, I’m so glad that they left Woolim and got to trademark their name. I hope this means a comeback because I’m ready to buy whatever they put out.”

“I’m so happy for them! One of the few boybands I love to death. Im eager to see what they’ll bring to the table now that they have full creative control.”

“You don’t understand how much I am screaming, finally the actual K-pop is back.”

“2nd gen kings are returning.”

“I can’t wait to see Dongwoo man. He’s still my ultimate bias.”

“First GOT7, now INFINITE. I hope many more beloved groups fight for the rights to their music.”

INFINITE Drops Official Social Media Accounts, Releases Exciting Video Content

In other news, Inspirits were also treated with more of INFINITE’s updates. On May 6, INFINITE released their official social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


(Photo : Facebook: INFINITE)

On their YouTube account, the group also hinted a future activity for their 13th anniversary. INFINITE dropped a cosmic video clip, showcasing the infinity sign and the caption of their 13th anniversary, which is scheduled for June 9.

In the post’s description, the group wrote:

“INFINITE’s YouTube Channel is now open. Hello, this is INFINITE! Still near, still together, and still with you. Inspirit, we’re here. INFINITE, we’re all here.”

Watch the video below:


Are you happy with INFINITE’s updates? Are you looking forward to their future activities?

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