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INFINITE hint at reunion with cryptic teaser

by Anna-Liisa Haapakoski

K-pop boyband INFINITE have released a cryptic teaser, hinting at a potential group reunion.

Over the weekend, veteran K-pop boyband INIFNITE opened brand-new social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. This comes after a four-year hiatus for the group, following the release of their February 2019 single ‘Clock’.

Since then, the members of INIFNITE have left their long-time label Woollim Entertainment. L left first in August 2019, followed by Sungkyu, Dongwoo and Sungyeol in March 2021. Meanwhile, Sungjong left in January 2022 and Woohyun in October of the same year.

Soon after INIFNITE opened their new social media accounts, the boyband also started a new YouTube page and released a cryptic video titled ‘It’s INFINITE’s TIME now’.

The video features the boyband’s logo, an infinity sign, alongside a date for an upcoming YouTube livestream on June 9. The upcoming live broadcast will be in celebration of the boyband’s 13th anniversary.

“INFINITE official YouTube channel open! Hello, this is INFINITE. Still near, still together and still with you. INSPIRIT, we’re here. INFINITE, we’re all here,” the boyband write in the videos’ description.

Meanwhile, fans of INIFNITE on Reddit have also noticed that the ownership of the group’s name and other related trademarks have reportedly been transferred over from Woollim Entertainment to a new agency called INIFNITE Company.

It is currently unknown if a proper group reunion or new music are in the works. INFINITE’s last album release was their third studio record ‘Top Seed’, which arrived in early 2018.

During INFINITE’s four-year hiatus, all six remaining members of the boyband completed their mandatory military service and also worked on their solo careers. Original member Hoya had left the group in 2017.

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