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Here’s The Top 11 Girl Group Concerts In Terms Of Ticket Sales, Between 2022 And 2023

by Anna-Liisa Haapakoski

2022 to 2023 was truly the year for girl groups. Many K-Pop girl groups had stellar achievements in the year, with many songs reaching public recognition and mainstream popularity. It was also the year where girl groups hosted many of their solo concerts or fanmeetings. Here’s how many seats each girl group sold out.


Who else but BLACKPINK would top this chart? They sold 36,694 tickets during their encore concert in Seoul for BORN PINK. This number was sold over two days! They performed at the Gocheok Stadium, a venue usually reserved for large-scale events such as year-end concerts.


TWICE sold 13,792 tickets over two days in April 2023. They performed at the Olympics Gymnastics Arena in Jamsil.

3. Red Velvet

Red Velvet came in close at 3rd place, with 11,562 tickets sold over two days. They also performed at the Olympics Gymnastics Arena.


Performing for two days at the Indoor Sports Stadium in August 2023, they sold 10,635 seats over two days.


MAMAMOO performed at the Handball Stadium. They sold 10,441 tickets over the course of three days. This is the longest-running concert on the list!

6. (G)I-DLE

The girls performed I AM FREE-TY for two days, selling 9869 seats.

7. Girls’ Generation

The iconic girl group only performed for a single day. Despite this, they sold 8021 tickets. If they held their concert for a longer period, there’s no telling how high they’d rank on this list!

8. aespa

The girls sold 7,493 tickets over two days, performing at the Indoor Sports Stadium.

9. NewJeans

The rookie girl group does not yet have a solo concert. They sold 6041 tickets during their first fanmeeting, Bunnies Camp. This was over the course of two days.

10. ITZY

Selling 5266 tickets over two days was a piece of “CAKE” for them.

11. IVE

The monster rookies sold 5191 tickets over two days. Their venue is one of the smallest, having rented out the Olympic Hall.

The numbers reflected are provided by KOPIS (Korea Performing Arts Box Office Information System).


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