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Goo Hye Sun, currently no boyfriend…”I hate everything from my past”

by Amber Simmons

Actress Goo Hye Sun said she wanted to erase the past.

On May 11th, an interview video of Goo Hye Sun was uploaded on the YouTube channel “뭐볼광”. In the video, Goo Hye Sun said, “You said I would be unique, but I’m not like that at all in person.

Regarding the fact that she became famous for her pretty face, she confessed, “Compared to these days when there are so many people who want to work in this industry, there was less competition back then. I learned how to make a website at school, and uploaded the photo there. And also to ‘Damoim’, a website where you can meet your old school friends. As far as I know, I uploaded it as my profile photo there and it spread. My fan club was established when I was in high school. As ‘Ulzzang Generation’ was aired as a syndrome, people came to see me, and I naturally debuted.

She added, “I was just happy then. It was amazing that someone recognized me, and I had a lot of good moments, too. As I filmed ‘Boys Over Flowers’, I became more famous, and as I found the turning point, I ended up having more anti-fans. As a result, rumors about me spread, and I had a lot of difficulties in my 20s.

Regarding malicious comments, she said, “There were countless comments that hurt me, such as ‘I can’t believe what you say’, ‘You’re saying it differently from what you said last time’… I wasn’t sure if that was all that important. Because depending on the situation and the environment, what I say could be delivered in different ways. At the time, everything was delivered through articles. I understand the public, actually.

She continued, “I look up my name on the internet when I wake up in the morning. I’m sure no one else does that. Everyone has a dream and most people have dreamed of becoming a musician, an actor or a director. Everyone dreams of becoming an artist inside. But for them, it looks so easy for me. It’s not easy at all. Being creative is very difficult.

Goo Hye Sun shared, “The profession of actor is to express others’ life rather than myself. But for me, I make myself a subject. I’m a person who wants to express myself, my life. That’s why a lot of people around me tried to stop me. I think I’m still on my way to find who I am. Actually I like it when people evaluate me. Without those feedback, there’s no meaning in arts if nobody’s seeing it.


Regarding not investing in buildings, she said, “I invested all those money for myself. It’s true that I don’t get an immediate outcome, but for me, I will be a very rich old lady. I think I will be very rich. It’s very pessimistic but the fact that there’s even a little bit of romance left in it makes it not so poor. If I could turn back the clock, I wouldn’t have started this job. Doing arts is such a suffering work, and I wouldn’t have worked as an actor. I would have had a simple life, and that would have been okay. I already have had this life. I think we want things until we die. Like a nature.

She went on to say, “I got into Sungkyunkwan University in 2011. I feel the gap with students in their twenties, but I have no trouble talking to them. They are very cool.”

When asked “Is there something you want to erase from your past?“, she caused laughter by replying, “I want to erase everything. I hate everything from my past. Would there be someone who actually likes their past? We need to remove it all. I don’t know why Naver still exists.

She added, “I don’t think there were many times when my mind was at peace. I have to keep facing myself in my line of work. I need to be chosen again and again by the public. It’s like that with painting, making music, making movies and writing scenarios, etc… All of these require you to self reflect.”

Finally, Goo Hye Sun emphasized that she currently does not have a boyfriend.

Source: Nate

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