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(G)I-DLE’s ‘Allergy’ Draws Attention For Mentioning THIS NewJeans Easter Egg

by Anna-Liisa Haapakoski

Easter eggs between K-pop MVs are rare indeed, but in (G)I-DLE’s pre-release track “Allergy,” an unexpected reference to NewJeans has caught netizens’ attention.

Here’s what happened!

(G)I-DLE Mentions NewJeans’ ‘Hype Boy’ in Pre-Release Track ‘Allergy’

On May 9, (G)I-DLE has finally released the MV for pre-release track “Allergy.”

(Photo : Instagram: @official_g_i_dle)

The song is the pre-release for their upcoming sixth mini album “I Feel.” In the music video, the clip starts off as a carefree rom-com film, with leader Jeon Soyeon as the protagonist. However, things take a darker tone when it tackles the issue of how social media can affect one’s life.

“Allergy” also displays how people can take desperate measures when it comes to status, looks, and overall perfection. While, Neverlands were surprised with (G)I-DLE’s music and message, one easter egg managed to catch everyone’s interest.

(G)I-DLE's 'Allergy' Draws Attention For Mentioning THIS NewJeans Easter Egg

(Photo : Twitter: @G_I_DLE)

On the video’s 1:22 mark, the scene switches to (G)I-DLE’s maknae Shuhua, who appears to be teaching lessons on “How to be a Queen.”

In a surprising take, her lines referenced NewJeans’ smash hit “Hype Boy,” bringing Neverlands and Bunnies to gasp over the indication. The group’s creativity also became evident when they rhymed the title to their own song “TOMBOY.”

NewJeans First EP

(Photo : Twitter: @NewJeans_ADOR)`

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See the full reference here:


“I also want to dance Hype Boy. But in the screen, I’d look like TOMBOY.”

The reference led both fandoms to form an online discussion, where they raved over the reference. Netizens were happy with the random act and considered that this was the first time they’ve seen a song referencing another group’s track.

(G)I-DLE's 'Allergy' Draws Attention For Mentioning THIS NewJeans Easter Egg

(Photo : Instagram: @official_g_i_dle)

It also proved the mass impact of what “Hype Boy” did on both local and foreign areas. Meanwhile, some indicated how mentioning “Hype Boy” was indeed perfection, since it matches the song’s context and concept. Others were bias-wrecked by Shuhua’s stunning performance, presence, and line delivery.

Read their comments below:

“Nowadays, the members were singing NewJeans’ songs a lot. Hype Boy is kinda iconic, and I like both (G)I-DLE and NewJeans.”

“I feel like that, but the concept of that song makes me want to be as pretty and successful as the people on the screen. Seeing them mention Hype Boy really gave it a real feel since Hype Boy was played everywhere in Korea for a moment.”

“Shuhua was so sexy in that scene. Our boiled dumpling is all grown up now.”

“Wow Shuhua’s looks are crazy.”

“It puts into perspective how big hype boy was in Korea.”

“NewJeans’ impact is crazy. Being mentioned by a senior group in their song is so insane. ‘Hype Boy’ is truly legendary.”

Did (G)I-DLE’s reference to NewJeans surprise you? What do you think of their new song?

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