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(G)I-DLE Unexpectedly References NewJeans In The Lyrics Of Their New Song – Here’s What It Means

by Anna-Liisa Haapakoski

(G)I-DLE is back with a socially conscious hit “Allergy” that’s just too relatable!

The song’s title refers to a “mirror allergy,” discussing the pressure put on young women to fit into the intense beauty standards perpetuated by social media. The members of the video can be seen constantly comparing themselves to others and wishing they were someone else.

Every night in the search tab

Am I the only one without CHANEL?

Today’s teens seem more mature than I am

MZ Hashtag, What the Y2K

The world goes ’round without me

— “Allergy”

As a subject of harsh criticism during her time on shows like Produce 101, Soyeon is speaking out and showing how many young women feel.

In one particular scene, Shuhua teaches a class while the text at the bottom reads, “Lesson: How to be a Queen.” Dressed in a sexy red dress and high heels, she points to the chalkboard where the lesson is written.

How to be a QUEEN:

Step 1: Be Pretty

Step 2: Sexy Lips and Hips

Step 3: Wear Fabulous Lingerie

Step 4: Stay Confident

— “Allergy”

Fans are living for an iconic reference hidden in the lyrics. Shuhua states, “I also want to dance Hype Boy,” referencing NewJean’s hit song “Hype Boy.” She then follows it up with, “But in the screen, I’d look like TOMBOY,” referencing (G)I-DLE’s own song.

‘Hype Boy’ by NewJeans became one of the most popular songs on the social media app TikTok thanks to its easy-to-follow dance challenge. The fresh and airy style of ‘Hype Boy’ represents an attractive ‘feminine’ ideal. In this narrative, (G)I-DLE wishes to be able to dance to ‘Hype Boy’ and be elegant and pretty while doing so. However, they claim that they will look like ‘TOMBOY’ on the screen, and the boys will laugh at their absurdity.

A punk-rock song, ‘TOMBOY,’ represents the antithesis of ‘Hype Boy.’ The visuals associated with ‘TOMBOY’ are gritty and more ‘masculine,’ which was the intention since the song is a social critique of gender roles and societal expectations placed on young women.

— GENIUS Lyrics

(G)I-DLE’s shout out to NewJeans drives home the point of the song by critiquing the expectations put on young women and how they should be “pretty.”

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