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Gale Drops ‘La Mitad’ Video: Watch – Rolling Stone

by AcklinEHuey

Gale says she’s ready to move on, but the feelings she has for an ex-lover still linger. On Tuesday, the Latin star released her single “La Mitad,” just days before her debut album Lo Que No Te Dije arrives on Friday. On her new track, she addresses not being able to let go of a past love completely.

“This song is everything, and so is the video,” she wrote on Instagram. “I’m very happy and crying at the same time.”

The video shows Gale bidding farewell to a lover. She’s seen singing freely from a grassy field and atop a truck as she sings about seeing “part of herself go.” She’s also spotted with tears and makeup running down her face as she reminisces about the lost love. “6 a.m. and I got on the road,” she sings in Spanish. “Already put my heart in the freezer.”

“Yes, part of me wanted to stay/I left through the door, she turned around and I don’t see her anymore,” she sings on the chorus. “Yes, part of me won’t let you go/She’s still in your arms, and I’m here living the other half.”

The lyrics of the new song align with the energy she looks to put on her debut LP. “I love opening a portal to vulnerability,” she said during a recent Rolling Stone interview, which declared her Latin pop’s “next it girl.” “I do want to be a badass bitch, but I want to be an honest, vulnerable badass bitch,” she said.

Gale’s debut project is set to feature songs such as “D Pic,” “Nuestra Cancíon,” “Problemas,” and “Inmadura.”


“I definitely know people go through lots of shit, but it’s very cool to connect with someone with such a specific feeling,” she said. “It’s crazy to me to think how fragile we are as humans. We are all so different, but we go through a lot of the same things.”

Along with her own artist project, Gale is a prolific songwriter, and has penned tracks for the likes of Christina Aguilera, Shakira, Juanes, Anitta, Manuel Turizo, and Cardi B in the past. She was also named a Latin Act Set to Make It Big this year by Rolling Stone.

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