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Fans Hope Rosé Stops Bleaching Her Hair

by Amber Simmons

Fans unexpectedly hope BLACKPINK Rosé to stop bleaching her hair

In addition to her velvety voice and impressive stage presence, Rosé’s radiant blonde hair plays a pivotal role in winning the hearts of her fans. For years, she has remained faithful to a range of hair tones, including pink, purple, and of course, the captivating blonde, all of which harmonize with Rosé’s complexion and features. Fans have applauded this choice, yet there comes a time when BLINKs hope their beloved idol will take a break from hair bleaching.

Rosé and her blonde hair are inseparable, like long-time best friends. It is through her hair that she has achieved a noticeable elevation in her beauty, earning her the endearing title of the “cloud-haired princess” at Coachella, thanks to the enchanting moments when her hair gracefully dances in the air.


Nevertheless, those who have undergone hair bleaching know that meticulous upkeep is essential to maintain the hair’s vibrant color. Even Rosé’s stylist has divulged that there are phases when the idol must bleach her hair up to three times a week.


Moreover, Rosé often wears hair extensions to make her hair appear thicker and more voluminous. While she herself has learned to disregard and not worry too much about hair damage and styling limitations, fans still feel concerned for her well-being. Some even wish for Rosé to stop bleaching her hair. 

Source: k14

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