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Every Song on Netflix’s 6 Underground Soundtrack

by AcklinEHuey

The 6 Underground soundtrack fully complements the film’s action-packed storyline. While 6 Underground isn’t Ryan Reynold’s most well-known movie, it’s garnered something of a cult following thanks in no small part to its exceptionally well-selected soundtrack. Michael Bay’s Netflix blockbuster includes a potent blend of electro and rock bangers that underline the primary themes: revenge and justice. While the film is more or less a textbook bombastic Michael Bay action movie, the 6 Underground music stands out, infusing the wild movie with a distinguished style of its own.


In 6 Underground, a group of technically-dead outsiders unite to take down international criminals and terrorists — and this otherwise somewhat-generic plot is elevated by the slick soundtrack underpinning it. Led by the enigmatic One (Ryan Reynolds), the group experiences tragedy in Florence and later re-focuses to bring down a vicious dictator. The primary 6 Underground cast is rounded out by Mélanie Laurent, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Ben Hardy, Adria Arjona, and Corey Hawkins. As the movie delves into the group’s formation and their deadly missions, the audience is treated to sequences scored by an energetic and exciting 6 Underground soundtrack.

Every Song In The 6 Underground Soundtrack

Overall, the 6 Underground soundtrack is full of adrenaline pumpers that drive various chase scenes and pivotal mission moments. As One’s squad travels across the world, the collective songs essentially function as mood-setters and narrative exclamation points, with a couple of tracks serving as poignant musical motifs. Here is every song featured in 6 Underground on Netflix.

  • “Dig Down” by Muse
  • “Wannabe” by Spice Girls
  • “O Fortuna” by Spiritual Project
  • “Glory” by The Score
  • “The Fear” by The Score
  • “Legend” by The Score
  • “The Handler” by Muse
  • “Never Gonna Lose the Love” by Maribou State featuring Holly Walker
  • “Blah Blah Blah” by Armin Van Buuren
  • “Getting Aboard the Plane” by Lorne Balfe
  • “Leave It to Beaver” Score by Gordon Music
  • “Legendary” by Welshly Arms
  • “I’ll Take You There” by The Staple Singers
  • “Beautiful Sunday” by Lorne Balfe
  • “Bulletproof” by The Score
  • “Nothing Burns Like the Cold” by Snoh Aalegra
  • “Run” by AWOLNATION
  • “White Flag” by Bishop Briggs

When The 6 Underground Soundtrack Songs Appear In The Movie

Explosions and cars in 6 Underground

Netflix’s 6 Underground soundtrack kicks off with “Dig Down” as One explains his life story. The track also appears later in the film during One’s Parisian sex scene with an Italian woman named Arianna. For a brief moment, “Wannabe” plays during a Florence chase scene that doesn’t end particularly well for the titular squad. When the action reaches the Uffizi Gallery, “O Fortuna” represents the beating hearts of the 6 Underground team.

When Four skywalks atop the Duomo in 6 Underground, “Glory” scores the moment of aerial ecstasy. Shortly after, “The Fear” boosts a stylized sequence featuring Two. During the same Florentine chase, “Legend” plays over a scene where Five screams at One. “The Handler” essentially marks the beginning of the main action after the Italian inciting incident.

“Blah Blah Blah” underlines a flashback scene midway through 6 Underground. During a Las Vegas sequence featuring various generals, “Legendary” establishes the mood. “Run” plays over a Hong Kong skywalking scene, and “White Flag” is the official song for a country’s revolution. (In a meta moment, One asks his team who picked the track, which can be heard later on during a boat-themed climax.) The closing credits for 6 Underground on Netflix are scored by “Bulletproof.”

Lorne Balfe’s Thumping Score Complements The 6 Underground Song Choices Perfectly

Ryan Reynolds standing in the shadows in 6 Underground

Scottish composer Lorne Balfe has an impressive career, scoring movies like Fallout, Top Gun: Maverick, and Black Adam — and after the 6 Underground soundtrack, it’s easy to see why the composer has been picked up so much. The most effective aspect of Balfe’s musical score is that it cohesively blends with the rest of the high-octane rock and pop hits chosen for the film. Balfe’s music scores some of the most striking plot beats of the movie and maintains momentum.

Out of the 18 tracks on the 6 Underground soundtrack, Balfe is responsible for one-third of them, showing just how much impact he had on the overall sound of the film. The line between the movie score and the featured songs is blurred as Balfe lays down some impressive electro/rock beats, heightening the action and keeping the tone bombastic and consistent. 6 Underground had big plans for sequels but received negative reviews and disappointing viewership numbers, effectively ending the chance of a franchise. Yet the movie has an underrated soundtrack that perfectly complements the movie without becoming too self-important — and that’s mostly thanks to Lorne Balfe.

What’s The Best Song On The 6 Underground Soundtrack

The 6 Underground team walking together

The 6 Underground music is a varied collection of songs to be sure with some standing out more than others. Of course, determining which song is the best on the soundtrack is purely subjective and fans will have their own opinions. Out of the songs, Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” is surely the most well-known and the movie uses the iconic nature of the pop song to comedic effect in its wild action sequence. “Bulletproof” also feels like a perfect song to be playing for closing credits.

However, the song that stands out the most is “Dig Down” by Muse. Michael Bay clearly has an affinity for it as well using it in 6 Underground‘s flashback sequence and the sex scene — both memorable uses. Whatever failings the overall movie has, these sequences show how the right song used in the right way can really make for a memorable movie moment. Though not everyone likes 6 Underground, it’s hard to deny the strength of the soundtrack.

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