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Drinking alcohol after kidney transplant? Selena Gomez’s donor now “bullied” by fans

by Amber Simmons

Selena Gomez’s kidney donor, actress Francia Raisa, has complained of being harassed by Selena’s fans amid rumors of a feud.

According to media outlets TMZ and Teen Vogue on May 8th (local time), actress Francia Raisa stated that she has been receiving hateful comments from Selena Gomez’s fans for not following the singer-actress on social media.

In particular, Francia mentioned she is mentally distressed due to these comments and cited the most hurtful one, where a commenter threatened to tear apart Francia’s remaining kidney. 

Previously in 2017, Francia donated a kidney to Selena, who was suffering from lupus. At that time, Selena posted on Instagram a photo of her and Francia lying side by side in hospital beds and holding hands, which became a hot topic.

However, in a 2022 interview with Rolling Stones, Selena said that she never fit in with celebrities and that her only friend “in the industry” is Taylor Swift. This leads to rumors of Selena having a feud with Francia. In addition, Francia initially left the comment, “Interesting”, on the interview post, but later deleted it.

Afterwards, it became known that Francia unfollowed Selena on social media, causing some netizens to accuse Selena of “kidney freeloading”. 


Selena ended up apologizing for “not mentioning everyone” she knows in the interview, but the controversy continued.

On the other hand, the documentary “Selena Gomez: My Mind and Me”, where Selena reflects on her experience in the entertainment industry, also became a hot topic. Here, the singer-actress expressed her gratitude for Francia, saying that she owed the fellow actress more than anyone else.

However, the fact that Francia did not appear in this documentary reignited the feud rumors. Furthermore, it was revealed that Francia’s father and Spanish radio host, Renan Almendarez Coello, said in a broadcast that Francia didn’t give Selena a kidney so (Selena) could drink alcohol.

Afterwards, when Francia was asked why she doesn’t follow Selena on SNS, the actress avoided answering. Now, she is being relentlessly bullied for not properly addressing the “feud rumors” with Selena.

Source: Nate

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