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Dr. Vegapunk’s True Identity in One Piece Explained

by AcklinEHuey

One Piece‘s mad scientist Dr. Vegapunk has played an important role in the Egghead Island arc, but the exact nature of his identity has been somewhat confusing to keep track of. This is because the scientist has created various extra bodies that all share his mind and identify as being Vegapunk. Luckily as more has been revealed about Vegapunk, fans have discovered more about how these “satellites” relate to his overall identity.

Vegapunk made his long-awaited first appearance in chapter #1061 of the manga, causing a huge reaction among fans who expected the scientist to be an old man. Vegapunk is the greatest scientist in the One Piece world. Originally, he was part of a group of genius scientists called MADS, and after that was disbanded by the World Government, Vegapunk went to work for the most powerful organization in the One Piece world. Despite being mentioned as early as chapter #433, fans of the manga only knew Vegapunk from his inventions until now, which include One Piece’s Pacifista cyborgs, the Seastone element that can nullify Devil Fruit powers, and other dangerous weapons that play a big role in keeping the World Government in power.

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There Are Actually Seven Different Vegapunks

When Vegapunk appeared as a young woman, many fans believed that this could actually be a clone or a robotic body, based on the “Punk 02” label on her jacket. Chapter #1062 of One Piece confirmed this suspicion was true. The Vegapunk who stands in front of the Straw Hats is “Lilith”, one of six bodies that the scientist created in order to be able to follow the incredible amount of scientific work he is busy with. Each of the six bodies is associated with a different quality, and, in fact, the two who appear in this chapter show very different behavior and personalities. Lilith is associated with “evil“, while Atlas, who meets Luffy, Jewerly Bonney, Chopper, and Jinbe on Egghead Island, is “wrath“.

It is still unclear what these six Vegapunks actually are. According to the information shared by CP0 at the end of that chapter, the original Dr. Vegapunk split up into six people. Kaku, a CP0 agent, calls them “Satellites“, which gives the impression that they are remotely controlled by One Piece’s original Vegapunk, however, he also states that all of them “are also Dr. Vegapunk“, leaving the mystery open. Since then, it has become clear that Vegapunk isn’t directly controlling the Satellites, but it is still uncertain whether these bodies are clones, robots, or living entities in their own right who have merged their mind with the scientist.

Vegapunk’s Satellites Are Still A Mystery

Vegapunk's satellites in One Piece

There was a huge debate among fans when Vegapunk made his debut in a female body. Some believed that to be the real deal and that One Piece‘s author Eiichiro Oda had simply fooled his fans by making them believe Vegapunk was a man. Eventually, Oda revealed that the original body of Vegapunk is truly an old man, but he has still not revealed what the Satellites actually are. One Piece is sure to provide these answers eventually, however, and knowing how unpredictable the series can be, these explanations likely won’t be straightforward.

The latest chapter of One Piece is available through Viz Media.

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