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“Dr. Romantic” Episodes 3 and 4 Highlight Understanding The Correct Mindset Doctors Should Have

by Amber Simmons

The 2nd week of Dr. Romantic 3 saw a lukewarm welcome to a competent but uncompromising rival of Master Kim.

Additionally, Woo-jin and Eun-jae are also phenomenal in mentoring new doctors at Doldam Hospital.

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Episode Recaps: 01 & 02

Dr. Romantic 3 Episodes 3 and 4 Highlights

Negotiating with Professor Cha, the old man gets his wish to commit his expertise under the condition that he will solely handle the trauma center.

Laying out the doctors he wishes to bring to the trauma center, he also sets expectations that the current surgeons in the trauma center trained by Master Kim should not get preferential treatment since the center is receiving funding from the government.

Challenging Professor Cha, Master Kim asserts wanting to see his rival’s skills hinting it could be rusty. To break the intention, Dr. Park deviates from the discussion.

‘We can’t end things when we haven’t opened the door yet.”

Master Kim explains to Doldam staff and doctors the need to have Professor Cha onboard. Woo-jin does not like it at all given the last unfriendly conversation he had with his girlfriend’s father. He was blamed for his daughter’s move to work away from her family.

Then, he also needs to make an adjustment when Eun-jae requests for him to find a place to stay because her father can’t find a place to stay now that he is moving to work at the hospital. His day is not getting any better when the patient he sent home came back from an accident.

Based on his initial assessment that the patient was faking pain, he sent him home and the patient’s life and career are looking bleak. A few surgeries are slated but technicalities arise as Woo-jin insists on surgery that would keep his career but Eun-jae asserts the surgery to keep the quality of his life is more important.

Pressed with time, Master Kim agrees with Woo-jin and ignores Professor Cha who prefers being bound to the set standards which prioritizes a patient’s life first.

Master Kim proceeds with neurorrhaphy first and successfully nails it. Then Dr. Bae and Eun-jae complete the surgery successfully.

Dr. Romantic 3

“A doctor does a diagnosis, not a prediction. We don’t deal with people who might get hurt. We deal with patients who are already hurt, sick, broken or on their last breath.”

Just when Dong-hwa is about to clock out, fire victims were brought to the hospital. One of the patients, an old woman takes the spotlight with her condition as well as the possibility that she is the arsonist.

Bringing the elephant in the room, Dong-hwa responds impolitely to Woo-jin as he is still hung up on the latter’s bad call that could have avoided the national athlete’s accident.

In his defense, Woo-jin explains to Dong-hwa that he makes up for his shortcomings by remaining to be focused on the current work that he has to attend to and not dwelling on the past situation.

Recognizing the presumed arsonist, Eun-jae had doubts especially since she knew the old lady to be cheerful. However, the evidence and witness point to the grandmother patient. Her son who does not have money refuses to sign the surgery form as he is also emotional and stressed about the repercussions of his mother’s action, if indeed she was the culprit.

Master Kim steps in to assure him that he will cover the cost of the surgery. Eun-jae who is suspicious of the witness corners him when he was about to take off. As Eun-jae used to live in the residential villa where the fire occurred she knows the people except the man claiming to be a witness.

“Without the intention to learn or save point, you are not allowed to be inside an operating room.”

Noticing the friction between his students, Master Kim scolds Dong-hwa for not understanding that his position as a doctor does not warrant him to discriminate on who is worthy to save or not. He also bans him to enter operating rooms until he can reflect on his intention to learn or to save a patient.

Master Kim’s lesson reaches Dong-hwa’s realization when he learned that the grandmother patient is innocent. Later, he was also praised by Woo-jin for recommending the correct medicine when the patient was being prepped for surgery.

The humbling moment seeps into Dong-hwa while Master Kim and the senior staff are also happy on eavesdropping that moment.

Dr. Romantic 3 Episodes 3 and 4 Musings

It’s interesting to look at how different Woo-jin and Eun-jae approach their new roles as mentors to new residents from how they were nurtured by Master Kim.

The series has laid an inspiring foundation for the new doctors in the series. Dong-hwa received a humbling gift for being stubborn and unreasonably proud. While Master Kim straightly pointed out his demerit, Woo-jin who got first-hand rude interaction from him was understanding and even fair in accepting his mentee’s idea.

Sun-woong who seems to lack experience in the operating room would sure have eventful days with Eun-jae as his mentor. She can empathize with his situation since at some point, she also doubted her skills.

Professor Cha joining the medical staff at Doldam Hospital will challenge Master Kim’s surgery calls, and that’s for sure. Nevertheless, he would provide a healthy contemplation in the medical cases that would be dealt with by the team.

This week in Dr. Romantic 3, a few servings of how people aspire for dreams were elaborated. Just like the national athlete’s father who was trying to fulfil his dreams with his son, and was inadvertently meddling in his life when his son could have a dream of his own.

Master Kim’s pep talk on his rival Professor Cha about having only anger, betrayal and regret; but not aspiring for a dream is a sensible reminder that aspiring for goals is better than succumbing to negative emotions.

As the Trauma Center prepares to open, Professor Cha’s decision on who is going on board hits differently, especially to Woo-jin. Will he take on the challenge of Professor Cha and will Master Kim allow him to do so?

Bask in healing stories and insightful messages in Dr. Romantic 3 every Saturday and Sunday on SBS! International fans can watch it on Disney+.

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