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“Doctor Cha” Achieves the Fifth-highest Ratings of Any K-Drama in JTBC History

by Amber Simmons

JTBC’s ongoing K-drama Doctor Cha is truly a hit! 

In the last episode which was revealed on May 7, Doctor Cha achieved an average nationwide rating of 16.2 percent. The K-drama topped its time slot across all channels. The series also entered the top 5 of JTBC’s highest K-drama ratings of all time. 

Through the airing of the eight-episode of Doctor Cha, the K-drama now has the fifth-highest ratings of any drama in JTBC history. It followed the hit K-dramas The World of the Married, Reborn Rich, SKY Castle, and Itaewon Class. 

The K-drama has a lot of episodes left and there is a possibility that it can surpass other series in the top 5. Itaewon Class has a record of 16.548% as their highest rating. If Doctor Cha continuously becomes successful, they can beat the 2020 K-drama. Meanwhile, The World of the Married, Reborn Rich, and SKY Castle are all in the over 20 percent rating and it will be a little harder for Doctor Cha to beat but nothing is impossible. 

Aside from the K-drama airing on JTBC, the series is also available on Netflix and many global viewers have a good response to it. 

Doctor Cha revolves around the life of Cha Jung Sook, a full-time housewife for 20 years who decided to return to her career as a doctor. 

The K-drama is led by Uhm Jung Hwa, Kim Byung Chul, Myung Se Bin, Min Woo Hyuk, Song Ji Ho, Jo Aram, and more. 

Doctor Cha is the current work of directors Kim Dae Jin (The King of Pigs and Kill Me, Heal Me) and Kim Jung Wook (Rookie Cops). 

The ninth episode will premiere on May 13 at 10:30 PM KST. The whole K-drama will have a total of 16 episodes.


Are you enjoying the popular K-drama Doctor Cha?

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