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Chaewon Opens Up About Whether She Dislikes Her IZ*ONE Self And If She Prefers Her LE SSERAFIM Self More

by Anna-Liisa Haapakoski

The answer may surprise you.

LE SSERAFIM recently sat down for an interview with GRAMMY where they were joined by legendary music producer Nile Rodgers. In the interview, they discussed everything from debuting in a new era of girl groups, why Rodgers chose the girl group to be his first K-Pop collaboration, and how Yunjin’s parents reacted to news of their collaboration.


Aside from that, members Chaewon and Sakura also discussed their past membership in project group IZ*ONE.

Sakura (left) and Chaewon (right) | @official_izone/Instagram

The GRAMMY interviewer noted that when Chaewon was added to LE SSERAFIM, she had a turning point in her career. She discovered new hidden sides to herself, especially when compared to her days in IZ*ONE.

For Chaewon, who was also Sakura’s former IZ*ONE bandmate, being part of LE SSERAFIM and unearthing new dimensions to herself as an artist was a watershed moment for her.


Chaewon in IZ*ONE

Chaewon agreed, saying she felt like she found her true self while she was getting ready to debut in the SOURCE MUSIC girl group.

Now that she has “upgraded” and learned more about herself, she is grateful that people are viewing her change in a positive light. And she’s right—her stunning transformation is regularly a topic of conversation online.

I felt like I truly found my true self when I was preparing for the debut of LE SSERAFIM. I’m really thankful that a lot of people are seeing this in a positive way.

— Chaewon

| @_chaechae_1/Instagram

However, just because she is a different person now doesn’t mean that she hates who she was before. In her own words, “I don’t have a preference.” She likes both her IZ*ONE self and her LE SSERAFIM self.

The way she is proud of her past and present self without any regrets is completely admirable!

But I don’t have a preference. I don’t prefer either—I just like the way I was before, and I still like the way I am now.

— Chaewon

| @_chaechae_1/Instagram

In the same interview, fellow member Sakura compared her three previous groups to LE SSERAFIM. Check out the main difference between the three in the article below.

Sakura Dishes On The One Thing LE SSERAFIM Has That Her Three Previous Groups Lacked

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