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CAP Confirmed Leaving TEEN TOP + Idol Apologizes in Handwritten Letter

by Anna-Liisa Haapakoski

C.A.P has left TEEN TOP as announced by his agency TOP Media. Following his departure, the idol uploaded a public apology.

Here are the details.

TOP Media Announces CAP’s Departure From TEEN TOP in Official Statement

On May 11, TOP Media disclosed that C.A.P will withdraw from TEEN TOP through an official statement.

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The agency apologized for the idol’s behavior on a previous live broadcast, where C.A.P acted rashly by smoking and cursing to fans.

C.A.P also mentioned how his exclusive contract with the agency will end in July. During the stream, the idol reportedly used abusive language when fans commented on his actions.

CAP Confirmed Leaving TEEN TOP + Idol Apologizes in Handwritten Letter

(Photo : TheQoo)

This was followed by a public statement on May 9, when TOP Media sent their deepest apologies to fans who were affected by C.A.P’s actions and words. TOP Media then proceeded to upload an official statement, announcing C.A.P’s departure from TEEN TOP.

The agency also assured that TEEN TOP will continue to promote as a four-membered group, consisting of Chunji, Niel, Ricky, and Changjo.

CAP Confirmed Leaving TEEN TOP + Idol Apologizes in Handwritten Letter

(Photo : Naver)

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Read their full statement below:

“Hello. This is TOP Media.

First of all, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude to fans who love and support TEEN TOP. After a thorough discussion with the members, it led to the decision of withdrawing C.A.P from the group.

TEEN TOP will be reorganized into a four-membered group, composed of members Chunji, Niel, Ricky, and Changjo. We once again apologize for affecting people with this concern, derived from C.A.P’s words and actions.

To resolve this, we decided to uphold our responsibility in this situation, and promise to give the best management for our artists. As for the group’s comeback, we will soon inform you of the matters after engaging a discussion with the members.

Thank you.”

CAP Shares Public Apology on Instagram

On May 11, C.A.P followed up his thoughts on the situation through an open letter. The idol uploaded his post on Instagram, where he apologized to fans regarding his words and actions. He also brought up how regretful he was to TOP Media and TEEN TOP members.

Read his letter here:

“Hello. This is Bang Min Soo.

Before I make my statement, I want to apologize first to the people who were hurt by my actions and words. I was aware that a controversy would arise, however, I ended up selfishly thinking about myself.  

I knew it would be a sorry act for those who supported and believed in me, and also for the members, who I now think of as my brothers for a long while.

I felt like I was wearing clothes that didn’t fit me for a long time, and now I wanted to let loose, so I ended up doing improper actions. This is my fault and negligence, as it is something that I need to own without excuses.

I’m sorry to the agency, younger members, and fans who perceived by immature behavior. I apologize once again for this issue, with the hopes of not affecting the agency and TEEN TOP’s endeavors, who will soon make a comeback.    

Thank you to everyone who loved C.A.P until now, I’m really grateful.”

What’s your take on C.A.P’s departure from TEEN TOP?

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