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BTS’ V drops dreamy ‘For Us’ music video

by Anna-Liisa Haapakoski

BTS singer V has released a visual for his song ‘For Us’, a cut from his debut solo album ‘Layover’.

On September 16, the K-pop singer unveiled the music video for ‘For Us’, the final track from his debut album ‘Layover’ to get a visual treatment.

The new visual largely comprises outtakes and behind-the-scenes footage from the record’s previous music videos. “You went from my home to / It was nice to know you / And it breaks my heart / That we gave it our best shot,” BTS’ V sings in the chorus.

Ahead of the ‘Layover’’s release, V dropped music videos for the pre-release tracks ‘Rainy Days’ and ‘Love Me Again’. He later unveiled visuals for ‘Slow Dancing’ and ‘Blue’ to accompany the release.

In a four-star review of ‘Layover’, NME’s Rhian Daly wrote that “V’s compatibility with his chosen palette makes magic, the record instantly oozing sophistication.”

Last week, the BTS singer also became the first artist to perform on ‘Tiny Desk Korea’, the first international TV format version of NPR’s ‘Tiny Desk’ series. V performed ‘Love Me Again’, ‘Slow Dancing’ and ‘For Us’ on the show.

“I’ve filled [‘Layover’] with songs that evoke a sense of fleeting tranquillity, as if they effortlessly pass by and offer a soothing pause,” he said of the record. “The album resembles me a lot, so please show a lot of interest.”

In a recent interview, BTS’ Jungkook revealed that he “misses” performing with the group, especially after making his solo debut with ‘Seven’ earlier this year. “I just thought that I want to be on stage with all our members, or I want to hang out with them in the waiting room,” he said.

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