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BOYNEXTDOOR Jaehyun Gains Attention For Puppy-Like Visuals: ‘He’s gonna be so popular’

by Anna-Liisa Haapakoski

Jaehyun from upcoming boy group BOYNEXTDOOR is gaining attention for his puppy-like visuals from netizens, who are also anticipating the act’s debut!

Here’s what people are saying.

BOYNEXTDOOR Jaehyun’s Past Photo Draws Attention From K-pop Community

A fourth-gen idol is gaining attention ahead of debut!

On May 9, netizens have drawn their energy towards a past picture of Myung Jaehyun, a member of upcoming boy group BOYNEXTDOOR.

(Photo : Instiz)

Internet users were more than happy to discuss the visuals of the young idol, as they uploaded Jaehyun’s image. It featured the artist’s youthful looks, while having dressed casually.

Fans of the idol immediately raved over his unique visuals, to which they claimed as puppy-like. They also complimented his fashion and relaxed demeanor. Meanwhile, some resembled his looks to a webtoon’s main lead.

BOYNEXTDOOR Jaehyun Gains Attention For Puppy-Like Visuals: 'He's gonna be so popular'

(Photo : Facebook: BOYNEXTDOOR)

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Others commented that Jaehyun will indeed get popular quickly when BOYNEXTDOOR debuts. Fans also speculated that Jaehyun was once a student leader during his school days.

Read their comments below:

“I think that he’ll be a legendary puppy hot guy. They said that he was the school president in his middle and high schooler.”

“He’s wearing a pretty unique checkered shirt, cute.”

“When are they gonna reveal all the members? They’re even making me anticipate this for nothing.”

“He looks like the type in high demand.”

“He’s gonna be so popular once he debuts.”

“I can think of one puppy-type actor that looks like him.”

“He kinda looks like a lead from a webtoon.”

“He looks like every other puppy-style male idol.”

BOYNEXTDOOR’s Debut Details: Date, Teasers, More!

BOYNEXTDOOR was first hinted by Zico on August 4, 2022, when he appeared on SBS Power FM’s “Two O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show” with fourth-gen girl group STAYC.

ZICO 'New thing', the atmosphere is unusual... A steep rise in music charts

(Photo : Zico Instagram)

The KOZ Entertainment founder stated the agency would be debuting a new male group that isn’t0 limited to any genre, implying the group’s versatile concept.

The reports were confirmed by Korean media outlet SPOTV News on February 28, where they declared that the act is set to debut in May. Following this, more updates about the highly anticipated group enticed the K-pop community through gimmicks and teasers.


On April 3, at 6 p.m. KST, KOZ Entertainment published a website for BOYNEXTDOOR, which showcased a countdown of the group’s debut scheduled on May 30.

On April 16, BOYNEXTDOOR finally announced their official social media accounts, offering fans their official website, YouTube channel, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Weibo.

On May 7, BOYNEXTDOOR revealed the tracklist for their forthcoming debut album “WHO!” Notably, Jaehyun also took part in the album production.

What do you think of Jaehyun’s visuals? Are you excited for BOYNEXTDOOR’s debut?

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