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Boosie on Pras Being an Informant: ‘90 Percent of Rappers Are Rats’

by AcklinEHuey

Boosie Badazz isn’t shying away from sharing his thoughts on Fugees rapper Pras, who faces up to 20 years in prison after he was found guilty for his participation in a conspiracy scheme in which millions of dollars were used to influence U.S. government officials. 

During a new appearance on VladTV, Boosie was asked about Pras. The Baton Rouge MC wasn’t surprised at Pras’ cooperation with the feds, as the 40-year-old claims the music industry is ridden with rats, including “90 percent of rappers.” 

Pras has denied being an FBI or CIA informant.

“It’s a worldwide movement, bro. It’s a worldwide movement of rats. And it’s turning out the music industry is full of ’em,” Boosie told Vlad at the 2:40 mark in the video above. “There’s more rats in the music industry than the streets. Because I think they don’t wanna lose. You know? … They don’t wanna lose this lifestyle. … That’s how they develop into rats, because they want all this shit but they don’t wanna lose it. And they figure they can go get it back when they come home.”

In the clip below, Boosie Badazz—who recently went after T.I. on snitching allegations—went on to express his disdain for people who snitch.

“Most of the time, when those snitches, whatever they do, they end up dying, deaths. They end up living horrible lives. … The people who supporting rats don’t give a fuck about children. Those children suffer when you rat on that fucking family and that daddy. That child grows up without a daddy, that child grows up without a mother. So, anybody supporting fucking rats, they don’t give a fuck about a kid.”

He wound up proclaiming that “90 percent of rappers are rats.”

Earlier this week Pras spoke with TMZ about the verdict, maintaining he was never an informant for the FBI or CIA.

“Look, I was never in the past, present, or future an FBI or a CIA informant,” Pras said. “Never ever. If people want to check it out, look at the testimonies—they could see that all within the records, and all the D.C. courts. This is not a Tekashi 6ix9ine situation, respectfully. Because he admitted he was an informant, basically. So I was never. I never said I was. I am not now and never will be an FBI or a CIA informant.” 

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