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BLACKPINK Rosé’s “Family Member” Makes A Surprise Apperance In Her Commercial

by Anna-Liisa Haapakoski

Say hi to a familiar face!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé recently modeled for the exclusive line of Tiffany & Co jewelry that was inspired by her. The Rosé version of the Tiffany & Co Lock line is made out of 18k rose gold and rare pink sapphires. She posted a series of softly filtered, vintage-look photos on her Instagram.

Rosé for Tiffany & Co. | @rosesarerosie/Instagram

With sweet pink-hued makeup, she matched the line perfectly.

Rosé for Tiffany & Co. | @rosesarerosie/Instagram

A special furry critter caught the eye of fans. Next to Rosé in some photos, was Hank!

Rosé for Tiffany & Co. | @rosesarerosie/Instagram

Hank is an adorable mixed breed dog that was adopted by Rosé.

Rosé for Tiffany & Co. | @rosesarerosie/Instagram

He’s become a staple in her life, so much so that it makes perfect sense to have him lounging next to her in the photos.

Rosé for Tiffany & Co. | @rosesarerosie/Instagram

Fans loved catching a glimpse of the cutie.

It’s not the first rodeo for the pup! He’s been on set with Rosé many times.

At this point, he should be paid his own rate!


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