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BIGBANG Taeyang Makes VIPs Swoon With Sweet Gesture to Min Hyo Rin in Documentary Teaser

by Anna-Liisa Haapakoski

BIGBANG Taeyang has VIPs fainting over him with his sweet gesture towards Min Hyo Rin, an actress and his loving wife.

Here’s what the idol did.

BIGBANG Taeyang Uploads Romantic Teaser of Upcoming Documentary Film

On May 8, the “EYES, NOSE, LIPS” singer uploaded a video on his official YouTube channel titled “TAEYANG [Down to Earth] DOCUMENTARY FILM TEASER 1.”


In the black-and-white teaser, Taeyang is shown serenading his wife Min Hyo Rin, through a live performance of his new song “Seed.”

The song is from his solo extended play “Down to Earth” and sung it live for his Min Hyo Rin, who appreciated every second of his sweet gesture. The actress is shown smiling towards Taeyang, who gave his best in singing the track.

(Photo : Facebook, Instagram)

The video is also the first teaser for his upcoming documentary, which will release its part 1 on May 12. Fans quickly gathered in the post’s comment section, where they conveyed their feelings about the romantic video. VIPs became emotional with Taeyang’s act towards his wife, proving that he’s the “standard.”

Meanwhile, others expressed their support for his upcoming documentary. Others voiced out their gratitude to Taeyang, for allowing himself to show a new side of him, and his powerful love to Min Hyo Rin.


(Photo : Instagram: @__youngbae__)

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Read their comments here:

“Why am I crying this is so beautiful, so proud of you, Taeyang.”

“This is so romantic, way to go Taeyang!”

“His first love, his wife, and the mother of his baby, Taeyang showing all the love he has for Hyo Rin even after all those years makes even appreciate him.”

“I feel emotional seeing you and Hyo Rin after a long time. Thank you Youngbae for letting VIPs see this side of you.”

“Omg I can feel their love in this tiny clip! Just the way he looks at her after he’s done to see what she thinks and they’re like talking through their eyes with their smile.”

“They’re such a beautiful couple. I wanna see more of them. This is love.”

Lookback on Taeyang & Min Hyo Rin’s Longtime Relationship

Meanwhile, Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin first met in 2014, when the singer needed a female co-star to appear in his “1AM” music video. Apparently, G-Dragon had suggested Min Hyo Rin to Taeyang, who gladly contacted the actress.

BIGBANG Taeyang, Min Hyo Rin

(Photo : YG Entertainment)

During 2015, dating rumors between the two began to circulate, leading YG Entertainment to finally confirm the reports, and announce the couple’s blossoming relationship. On February 2018, Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin finally got married and on 2021, they welcomed their first child.

Did Taeyang’s romantic gesture make you stan him more? Tell us in the comments below!

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