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Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour: Hints, Clues, and Fan Theories

by AcklinEHuey

The time has come. After a long wait and countdown, Beyoncé is set to return to the main stage for the opening day of her Renaissance World Tour at the Friends Arena in Stockholm, Sweden, tonight. This will mark Queen Bey’s first solo world tour in seven years, following the iconic Formation Tour in 2016 and her co-headling tour with Jay-Z in 2018. 

After taking over Stockholm this evening, Beyoncé will embark on a two-leg voyage, performing in more than 40 cities between May and September. On the first leg of the tour, Bey and her team will crowd Europe, making stops in major cities like Paris, London, Barcelona, and Amsterdam. The megastar will then return to the United States in June, where she will hit Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, and of course, her hometown in Houston. 

As expected, Beyoncé and all of her collaborators have been tight-lipped about what will go down on the Renaissance Tour. Even so, there have been tons of bread crumbs popping up on social media, and by the looks of it, this tour will be nothing short of extraordinary. 

We scoured the internet for all the clues, fan theories, and insights we could find about the opening night of Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour. Here’s a running list of what we know about the show so far. 


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