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[Beanie Recs] Time-bending mothers and daughters » Dramabeans

by Amber Simmons


[Beanie Recs] Time-bending mothers and daughters

Ahoy, Beanies! It’s time to gather your collective genius for a recommendation series that features you and your drama knowledge. Each week we’ll drop a drama conundrum and leave it up to you to provide a drama rec, and the appropriate rationale behind it, be it long or short. Respond below!

I am living for the mother-daughter dynamic in My Perfect Stranger, and I’m itching for more dramas that play with mother and daughter characters in time-bendy ways. Any ideas? Anything from actual time travel to inner healing works for me.

Have a very particular drama itch that needs scratching? In need of a Beanie Rec? Email us at hello @ and we’ll feature your topic in a future post.

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