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‘Bang Si Hyuk’s muse’ singer Baek Ji Young contributed to the birth of BTS?

by Amber Simmons
Baek Jiyoung

Baek Ji Young proved that she is ‘Bang Si Hyuk’s muse’

The new episode of MBC’s “Radio Star”, which is scheduled to air on September 20th, will feature the guest appearances of Baek Ji Young, Lim Won Hee, Jung Seok Yong, and Oh My Girl Mimi. The joining of new MC Jang Do Yeon is expected to add more fun to the broadcast.

Baek Ji Young expressed her admiration for Mimi’s beautiful thick lips. She then revealed that her standard for choosing dramas was “the actress”. Known as “OST Queen”, Baek Ji Young has performed OSTs for dramas starring Korea’s best actresses, including Kim Tae Hee, Ha Ji Won, Han Ji Min, Moon Chae Won, Kim Ha Neul, etc.

When asked about the nickname “Bang Si Hyuk’s muse”, Baek Ji Young said she worked on the two songs “Like Being Shot By a Bullet” and “My Ear’s Candy” together, surprising everyone. She also drew laughter by linking “Like Being Shot By a Bullet” with BTS’s name in Korean “Bangtan”. 

Baek Jiyoung

According to Baek Ji Young, “Bang Ji Hyuk told me that he would go all-in on a project. Sometime later, BTS debuted”. Hearing that, the MCs exclaimed, “So you contributed to the birth of BTS”.

Baek Ji Young then talked about her unexpected relationship with actor Ma Dong Seok and daily life stories with her daughter.

Source: Daum

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