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Bad Bunny Used to Make ‘Playlists on CDs’ for His Family – Rolling Stone

by AcklinEHuey

“It was always about pleasing my dad,” the singer said

Nostalgia kicks in during the summertime for Bad Bunny. In a new interview with People, the Puerto Rican star reminisced about his youth and how he’d often make playlists on CDs for his parents to listen to on road trips.

“I was always such a freak that made playlists… When I was little and platforms didn’t exist and there was no way to make a playlist, I found a way,” he said. “I would buy the CDs and I would create playlists on the CDs and I would collect different types of music. And it was always about pleasing my dad.”

“I have so many memories through those highways, listening to these CDs and these playlists that I would create,” he added, saying he’d sprinkle in songs for himself and for his siblings as well. “And still, every time I go to the west of Puerto Rico, I get flashbacks from those moments and it feels good.”


Bad Bunny’s name has become synonymous with the summertime thanks to the beach vibes on his record-breaking LP, Un Verano Sin Ti. He said in the interview that his ideal summers are spent on the beach listening to music.

“I love everything — it depends on the time and day. On a Sunday in the afternoon, I like to put on a little salsita, if it’s nighttime, I like to listen to a little bit of reggaeton, the old and the new. It all depends on the mood,” he said.

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