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ATEEZ Wooyoung Goes On Hiatus Due to Ankle Injury + KQ Entertainment Releases Official Statement

by Anna-Liisa Haapakoski

ATEEZ Wooyoung will undergo a temporary hiatus due to injury, as announced by his agency KQ Entertainment.

Here are the details.

ATEEZ Wooyoung Goes On Hiatus Due to Ankle Injury, KQ Entertainment Confirms Details

On May 8, KQ Entertainment has officially announced Wooyoung’s break from group activities.

(Photo : Facebook: ATEEZ)

In their statement, the agency disclosed that on his time out, Wooyoung will focus on his recovery and treatment because of his ankle injury.

KQ elaborated that despite Wooyoung’s injury, the ATEEZ member still performs while sitting on a chair due to his promise with ATINYs. However, the agency stated the injury’s pain has worsened, and that Wooyoung’s recovery has now become the top priority.

ATEEZ Wooyoung

(Photo : TheQoo)

After an in-depth discussion with Wooyoung, alongside other ATEEZ members, the decision to temporarily halt Wooyoung’s schedule was finally concluded.

This resulted to Wooyoung being unable to attend ATEEZ’s upcoming schedule on “THE DANCE DAY LIVE 2023,” as well as “KCON 2023 JAPAN.” Furthermore, KQ Entertainment apologized for the sudden news, as they encourage fans to understand the situation.

ATEEZ Wooyoung

(Photo : Instagram: @ateez_official_)

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Read their full statement below:

“Hello. This is KQ Entertainment.

We are here to announce the current health situation of ATEEZ member Wooyoung to fans, who have shown unconditional love and support for the group.

Wooyoung will now be focusing on his recovery due to an ankle injury. Despite his injury, Wooyoung has been performing on live stage while sitting in a chair, much to his willingness and commitment to fans.

Eventually, when the injury’s pain continued, it was decided that Wooyoung would need medical examination and treatment. The decision to temporarily suspend Wooyoung’s activities was decided after an honest discussion with him, and the members of ATEEZ.

This decision came into agreement for Wooyoung to undergo treatment as planned. With this sudden news, he won’t be able to join ATEEZ’s schedules such as ‘THE DANCE DAY LIVE 2023″ and “KCON 2023 JAPAN.”

We offer our sincerest apologies to everyone and will do our utmost best to oversee Wooyoung’s recovery since his health is our top priority.

Thank you.”

KCON 2023 Japan Announces Artist Lineup

In other news, the artist lineup for KCON 2023 Japan has been revealed, to which ATEEZ is also a part of. On March 16, the first lineup was announced, featuring STAYC and THE BOYZ on Day 1 (May 12).

On Day 2 (May 13), it will present performances from ATEEZ, AB6IX, JO1, and VIVIZ. This will be followed by Day 3 (May 14), when fans will be showered by stages from groups ENHYPEN, Ikon, Kep1er, xikers, and &TEAM. To see the full list, click here!

What’s your take on Wooyoung’s temporary hiatus? Tell us in the comments below!

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