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Amy Pascal’s Murder, She Wrote Movie

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  • Murder, She Wrote is confirmed to be getting a movie adaptation, with Universal Pictures developing the project and Amy Pascal producing.
  • The script for the movie had already started before the WGA strike, but production is paused until the strike is resolved.
  • There is no release date yet for the movie, as it depends on the resolution of the strikes, but a 2025-2026 release window is possible. No cast announcements have been made.

The 1984-1996 crime drama sensation Murder, She Wrote is getting the motion-picture treatment, courtesy of Universal Pictures’ Amy Pascal-produced Murder, She Wrote movie. The original Murder, She Wrote TV show starred Angela Lansbury in an era-defining role as Jessica Fletcher — the sleuthing murder-solving mystery novelist, as she unearthed foul play across the Maine town of Cabot Cove. Murder, She Wrote was a huge success and influenced almost every crime drama that’s followed since, with Lansbury receiving an Emmy nomination for every season.

Despite the lasting legacy of Murder, She Wrote and how much Lansbury’s Jessica Fletcher is entrenched in the history of fictional detectives, there’s been few attempts to reinvigorate the title (save for a canceled 2013 reboot). That all changed in 2023 when it was announced that Universal Pictures were forging ahead with the Murder, She Wrote movie. With Little Women and Spider-Man: Homecoming producer Amy Pascal attached to the project there’s already a great deal of speculation around what’s to come when Jessica Fletcher makes her big-screen debut.

Most Recent Murder, She Wrote Movie News

The most recent Murder, She Wrote movie news came in September 2023 when Universal Pictures confirmed development had started on the project (via Variety). As part of the announcement it was revealed that Amy Pascal was attached as produced, with Dumb Money writers Lauren Schuker Blum and Rebecca Angelo on board for the screenplay.

Work had started on the Murder, She Wrote movie script prior to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes commencing. However, it of course halted when the WGA went on strike in May 2023, and won’t be resumed until after the strikes have concluded.

The Murder, She Wrote Movie Is Confirmed

Jessica paints while listening to gossip in Murder, She Wrote

Universal Pictures confirmed development had started on a Murder, She Wrote movie. While the announcement came in September, it was revealed that work on the scripts had started prior to the WGA strike in May 2023.

The Murder, She Wrote Movie Release Date Prediction

Amos and Jessica sit on the bus together in Murder, She Wrote

There’s no release date set for the Murder, She Wrote movie yet. Writer’s Lauren Schuker Blum and Rebecca Angelo were reportedly working on the script when the WGA strike was announced, and work won’t resume until the disputes with the AMPTP are resolved.

It’s impossible to predict an exact release date for Murder, She Wrote under these circumstances. In the best case scenario, with the strikes resolved quickly and production on the project going smoothly, a 2025-2026 release window for Jessica Fletcher’s first movie appearance may be possible.

The Murder, She Wrote Movie Cast

Seth, Amos, and Jessica are shocked in Murder, She Wrote

There’s been no cast announcements for the Murder, She Wrote movie as of September 2023. The key question is, of course, who will replace the late Angela Lansbury as Cabot Cove’s most famous resident, Jessica Fletcher. Angela Lansbury passed away in 2002, though at almost 100 she was unlikely to have reprised her role (though it is saddening that she won’t get to cameo in the first Murder, She Wrote feature film as other stars of former TV shows have on occasion).

The Murder, She Wrote Movie Story

Jessica sips from a teacup in the Murder She Wrote episode Nans Ghost

The original Murder, She Wrote TV show was created by Peter S. Fischer, Richard Levinson, and William Link. Drawing on many classic works of crime fiction, such as the works of Agatha Christie, for inspiration, Murder, She Wrote focused on mystery writer Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury) — an author whose tales of murder and foul-play were drawn from personal experience.

The town of Cabot Cove, Maine had racked up an incredibly high murder rate by the time Murder, She Wrote concluded, as across its 12 seasons Lansbury’s Fletcher solved around 60 suspicious deaths. Any one of these cases could be the inspiration for the story of the Murder, She Wrote movie, though until screenwriters Lauren Schuker Blum and Rebecca Angelo resume work on the script it’s impossible to predict the first case the next on-screen Jessica Fletcher will be trying to crack.

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