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[Album Review] Aespa drops intensely conceptual music and tries out new style

by AcklinEHuey

Aespa (SM Entertainment)

Aespa is finally back from Kwangya — the fictional universe shared by the artists of SM Entertainment — to the “real world” to introduce its new album. “My World” is made up of songs filled with bright, young energy — the kind of music that the quartet has always wanted to do.

Just in time for a change, aespa dropped pursuing intensely conceptual tracks, instead going for easily understandable music that revolves around the life of ordinary teenagers.

“Welcome to MY World” is the first track of aespa’s third mini album, which was released prior to the official album.

As the title of the track itself suggests, the track serves as an introduction to this new story that aespa is rolling out into the “real world.”

Most of the song is sung in falsettos giving a mystic sensation to the intro track.

The falsettos almost sound like whispers that continue to play repeatedly in one’s head once one tunes into the song.

However, aespa’s new album is far from “toned down” as the girls spiced it up with the title track of the album, “Spicy.”

The track begins like a cheerleading chant, which goes well with the high school cheerleader style of the group.

The producers gave the track a twist by giving it a variation in the arrangement for the hook.

“Spicy” portrays a confident, cool and popular teenage girl through lyrics like, “Tell me what you see, When you look at me, ‘Cause I am a 10 out of 10, honestly.”

The third track of the album, “Salty & Sweet,” brings the group’s rappers into the spotlight.

Provocative and mischievous lyrics like, “You can’t refuse a new treat, Shinning bright trick,” add fun to the rapping parts of the song accentuating Karina’s and Giselle’s rapping talents.

Next up is “Thirsty,” which describes what it feels like to have a crush on somebody.

The track is of the R&B genre and consists of mystic synth loops highlighting the vocal skills of the quartet.

But “cheeky” does not describe the overall feel of the album, with tracks like “I’m Unhappy” adding a bit of melancholy to the album.

The track criticizes how the lives of many as seen through social media are really different from the reality, making some feel disconnected.

Lyrics like, “Everyone looks perfect every day, As if I’m the only one logged out, The distance between the world and my heart is So far,” make it a relatable song for many living in contemporary society.

The last track, “’Til We Meet Again,” is the only ballad in the album and sounds like a perfect song for the finale of a concert.

The track, composed with the warm sounds of an acoustic guitar, is a fan song in which aespa wanted to deliver the message that they will always be united with their fans through music, even though they are not physically together.

Album “My World” also has SM Entertainment’s musical touch on it with some of the tracks sounding like the agency’s other K-pop girl group, Red Velvet, or singer Taeyeon.

It is the first album on which aespa worked with renowned producers, including Geek Boy Al Swettenham and Ludvig Evers.

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