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Agency finally issued official stance and announced strong legal response regarding IU’s plagiarism allegation

by Amber Simmons

EDAM Entertainment released an official position regarding the recent plagiarism accusation against singer IU.

On May 10th, IU’s agency EDAM Entertainment announced their plan to take strong legal action against haters who are spreading groundless rumors and false information about IU.

In their official statement, the agency said, “We are aware that false plagiarism allegations and baseless rumors related to IU are circulating in some online communities, social media platforms, and YouTube channels.”

They continued, “Since the allegation was raised, we had gathered evidence related to the plagiarism accusation as well as collected espionage rumors, sexual harassment & defamation, distribution of false information, invasion of privacy, and other related matters, and filed a complaint with the investigative agency through our legal representative. While waiting for updates on the progress of the investigation, we received information about the article reported earlier today about the plagiarism accusation.”

EDAM emphasized, “As of now, we have not received any official contact from the investigative agency, and we learned about the accusation for the first time through articles. We would like to inform you that the content of the complaint mentioned by the media has not been confirmed and is under investigation.”


The agency stated, “Those who continue to spread distorted information are causing significant damage not only to our artist but also to our agency staff, their workplace, acquaintances, etc., through their mentally and verbally violent acts. Therefore, we are fully aware of the seriousness of the situation and can no longer tolerate or overlook such behaviors that are causing inconvenience to our people.”

“Defaming artists with malicious content, such as spreading groundless false information as if they were true, is clearly an illegal act that is obviously subject to strong legal measures. We would like to emphasize that we will take severe legal actions without leniency against those who commit criminal acts such as repeatedly producing defamatory and malicious content or spreading false information”, they said.

Lastly, EDAM firmly announced, “We will do our best to track down the perpetrators of malicious posts and protect the rights of our artist, and we once again emphasize that we will respond even more strongly without leniency or agreement throughout this process. We will continue to take strong measures against crimes related to groundless false accusations and harm by third parties.”


According to a report by Maeil Business Newspaper earlier on May 10th, the Seoul Gangnam Police Station received a complaint the previous day (May 19th) filed by a general public accusing IU of violating the Copyright Law. The police are currently reviewing the complaint to set the direction of their investigation.

In particular, a total of six IU’s songs, including “The Red Shoes”, “Good Day”, “BBIBBI”, “Pitiful”, “Boo”, and “Celebrity”, are suspected of plagiarizing domestic and overseas artists’ music.

In the complaint, the accuser said, “Many of the songs have the same melody, rhythm, and chord progression as the original sounds. Especially ‘Good Day’ and ‘The Red Shoes’ have a significant similarity even to ordinary listeners.”

Source: Wikitree

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