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Aespa’s Giselle Has An Uncanny Resemblance To A Famous Anime Character In New Advertisement

by Anna-Liisa Haapakoski

Needless to say, she’s gorgeous.

Aespa‘s advertisement for watch and jewelry brand Chopard was just released. The SM Entertainment girl group looked drop dead gorgeous in the promotional material.

Aespa | Chopard

One member in particular is going viral for a unique reason. Though fans raved about Giselle‘s elegance in the video, they also noticed something else that was extra unique about her.

Her clothes, hair, and makeup made her look just like the famous anime character Yor Forger from the series Spy x Family. This character pretends to be an average woman during the day while carrying out her job as an assassin at night. Her overall look is well loved by anime fans, and Giselle also seemed to channel her inner sexy assassin!

Yor Forger

Like Yor, the aespa singer’s dress had cutouts on the top half. It was also black, body-hugging, and with a high neckline.

This dress came from the brand MISBHV and costs roughly $460 USD.

Another key similarity between Giselle and Yor is their matching hair styles. They both had theirs up in a high ponytail with straight bangs, the likes of which were framed by two longer strands.

Fans couldn’t help but rave about them online. They made various compilations of their photos side-by-side to highlight their similarities.

Some even edited Giselle’s picture directly. It only took a few touch-ups to make her look just like the Thorn Princess!

The resemblance is definitely uncanny!

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