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aespa draws explosive attention with a revelation, “Make a private account? We all do”

by Amber Simmons

Members of SM Entertainment’s girl group aespa revealed their concerns.

On May 10th, SBS’s Youtube channel “‘HANBAM” uploaded a new video titled “[Idol Complaint Manager HUR] aespa is back to the real world!”

“Idol Complaint Manager HUR” is a Youtube content created by SBS’s “HANBAM” in which Kara Heo Young Ji turns into a civil service director and meets idols to solve their concerns.

In the video, Winter complained, “We only have the official account for the group. Let us create our personal Instagram accounts”.

Agreeing with Winter’s idea, Heo Young Ji said, “There’s a routine for K-pop idols. They first make an official account. And then they make their own accounts on their 7th year of debut. Why is that?”

Karina guessed, “They think we might mess something up”. Hearing that, Giselle commented, “But if that’s the case, they should stop us from live streaming as well”, expressing her dissatisfaction with the company.

Heo Young Ji showed her mature appearance as a senior by giving advice, saying “It could be nice for you to make your own accounts a bit later with a comfortable mind”. She then secretly told aespa, “Just make a private account”.

In response, Ning Ning whispered, “We all do”, drawing laughter.

Meanwhile, aespa recently made their comeback with the third mini album “MY WORLD” on May 8th and is carrying out promotional activities.

Source: Wikitree

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