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Aespa Bashed for ‘Ugly’ Outfits at Comeback Show

by Anna-Liisa Haapakoski

Aespa, the sensational K-pop girl group, has made headlines again with their highly anticipated comeback showcase. However, the buzz surrounding their return has been overshadowed by widespread disappointment over the group’s outfit choices.

The questionable fashion statements have left fans and netizens divided, sparking a heated debate over whether the monotonous, uninspired outfits were an intentional strategy to stir controversy or simply a lack of creativity on the part of the stylists.

Fans Express Disappointment Over Aespa’s Outfits

(Photo : Nate)
Aespa Bashed for ‘Ugly’ Outfits at Comeback Show

As pictures from Aespa’s comeback showcase were released, fans were quick to express their dissatisfaction with the outfits worn by the members.

“Their skirts and pants are too short,” one fan lamented. “Look like cheerleader costumes from an American teen movie,” another remarked. 

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Others also criticized the monotony of the clothes, asking, “Are their clothes too boring?” and “What’s up with those outfits?”

Aespa Members’ Beauty Shines Despite Outfit Backlash

Aespa Bashed for 'Ugly' Outfits at Comeback Show

(Photo : Nate)
Aespa Bashed for ‘Ugly’ Outfits at Comeback Show

Despite the outfit controversy, fans were unanimous in their praise for the stunning visuals of Aespa’s members. Winter’s hair was a particular point of admiration, with one fan saying, “Winter’s hair is so pretty.”

Karina, on the other hand, garnered attention for her AI-like appearance, as one fan declared, “Karina really looks like an AI.” 

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Overall, the consensus among fans was that the members’ beauty was undeniable, but the outfits were a disappointing aspect of the comeback showcase.

Comparisons to Past Idol Outfits and Questions on Styling Decisions

The debate over Aespa’s outfit choices intensified as netizens drew comparisons to idol outfits from over a decade ago. One disappointed fan stated, “Their outfits are worse than the idols’ outfits in 2010.”

Many questioned the styling team’s decisions, as the teaser images had showcased more visually appealing outfits. “Their outfits in the teaser are pretty, but why [the change]?” one fan queried.

Some netizens went so far as to suggest that the poor outfit choices were an intentional ploy to create controversy around the group’s comeback.

Aespa Bashed for 'Ugly' Outfits at Comeback Show

(Photo : Nate)
Aespa Bashed for ‘Ugly’ Outfits at Comeback Show

Aespa’s comeback showcase has undoubtedly generated significant attention, albeit for reasons the group may not have intended.

The controversial outfit choices have sparked heated discussions among fans and netizens alike, leaving many to wonder whether this was a strategic move or simply an oversight on the part of the stylists. 

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As Aespa takes center stage for their comeback performance, the world will be watching to see if their music can overshadow the outfit debacle and reignite the excitement surrounding the group’s return.

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