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Actor Kim Seon Ho to Make His Big Screen Debut in June with “The Childe”

by Amber Simmons

Park Hoon Jung’s new film The Childe tells the story of various forces. One of them is an unidentified man, the childe, who appears in front of boxer Marco, who is involved in illegal fights in the Philippines and engages in the pursuit of madness.

Kim Seon Ho, who returned in July of last year with the play “Touching the Void” after a privacy controversy, will make his screen debut with The Childe.

Actor Kim Seon Ho, who has demonstrated solid acting skills in dramas such as Start-Up and Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, will take on the role of the childe, the unidentified pursuer who turns Marco’s surroundings into chaos, and challenge a striking transformation.

In the previously released poster, the silhouette of the childe, who calmly watches over the target while blowing a whistle, creates curiosity.

Above all, director Park Hoon Jung has established himself as a “genre film master” with distinctive characters, intense action, and original worldviews in works such as New World, Night in Paradise, and the The Witch series, raises expectations for an action-packed chase film.

In addition, rookie actor Kang Tae Joo, chosen by director Park Hoon Jung despite a competition ratio of 1,980:1, brings a strong presence to the role of boxer Marco, who becomes everyone’s target overnight.

With his relentless pursuit of Marco as Director Han, a second-generation rich family client, Kim Kang Woo promises to deliver an impactful villain character filled with vitality.

Go Ah Ra, who makes a screen comeback after a long time, will add to the tension of the drama by taking on the role of Yoon Ju, a mysterious woman whose chance encounters with Marco continue.

While animations and foreign films have recently dominated the theatrical market, the struggle for Korean films continues. The transformation of Kim Seon Ho and Park Hoon Jung’s pursuit action, as The Childe heats up the summer, draws attention to whether it will successfully capture the audience’s taste.

Kim Seon Ho’s screen debut film The Childe will meet audiences in June.


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