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6 Best K-pop B-Side Tracks For April 2023: ‘Blue Blood,’ ‘I Don’t Understand But I Luv U,’ MORE!

by Anna-Liisa Haapakoski

The month of April has given fans numerous bops, released by their favorite artists, who have worked hard in their content. While many of these comebacks gained recognition with their title tracks, the side songs are also worth mentioning, since it also deserves recognition.

Here are the 6 best K-pop B-side tracks for April 2023!

1. ‘Blue Blood’ by IVE


IVE’s “I AM” may be the main highlight of their first full-length album “I’ve IVE,” but “Blue Blood” competes with the same authoritative nature, and serves as a great intro for the release.

The song displays IVE’s bravado with its chant-like chorus, electronic music background, and marching band format. On the first listen, fans can feel like as if IVE’s preparing for battle in “Blue Blood.”

2. ‘I Don’t Understand But I Luv U’ by SEVENTEEN


SEVENTEEN’s “I Don’t Understand But I Luv U” is a side track from their 10th mini album “FML.” The song offers CARATs a passionate listening experience. It shines with its electric guitar improvisations, EDM, and SEVENTEEN’s amazing vocals.

3. ‘AMYGDALA’ by BTS Suga / Agust D


Suga’s “AMYGDALA” is a track from his first solo album “D-DAY.” The song’s music video was also released on April 24. The song caught attention for its emotional weight and Suga’s personal story. Apart from its context, the song is accompanied by a trap-infused format and Suga’s amazing rap skills and vocals.

4. ‘Kiss’ by NCT DOJAEJUNG


NCT DOJAEJUNG is NCT’s fifth sub-unit, who debuted on April 17 with album “Perfume” and its album of the same name. Inside the album’s setlist, the side tracks were also praiseworthy, as it encapsulates the fragrance of a perfume.


Kiss” is one of the songs that can make anyone dance, because of its beat-stomping instrumental, and the members’ versatile vocals. To add flair, the trio also added a performance video that showcased their stylish choreography and dashing presence.

5. ‘Don’t Be A Jerk’ by Lee Chaeyeon


Former IZ*ONE member and renowned main dancer Lee Chaeyeon came back with her second mini album “Over The Moon,” along with its title track, “KNOCK.” Chaeyeon is popular in the K-pop community for her sharp dance moves and charisma.

In the album, B-side track “Don’t Be A Jerk” gives off an earworm with its percussion and synth instrumental. The song also encapsulates Chaeyeon’s commanding presence when she dances on the stage!

6. ‘Strange Way to Love’ by Yeeun


Former CLC member Yeeun has released her first solo debut album “The Beginning,” with “Cherry Coke” as the album’s title track. However, fans fell in love with Yeeun’s pre-release track “Strange Way to Love” due to her soothing vocals and the song’s ballad format.

Do you have any other good side tracks in mind? Let us know in the comments below!

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