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4 Distressing Sasaeng Encounters in 2023 That Alarmed K-pop Community

by Anna-Liisa Haapakoski

Amid K-pop idols’ rise to fame, fans are normally gained through their impact and influence. Fans can support their favorites in anyway they can, through buying their albums, streaming their songs, or even attending their events. However, some fans can cross the boundaries of idols, and exhibit stalker behavior to which most people refer to as a “sasaeng.”

Here are 4 sasaeng encounters in 2023 that alarmed the K-pop community!

1. BTS Jungkook’s Food Delivery Situation

(Photo : Facebook: BTS)

BTS’s “Golden Maknae” Jungkook was the latest idol to receive an unfortunate encounter with sasaengs.

On May 4, Jungkook shared a worrying message to ARMYs, via fan community Weverse. In his message, the idol gave a firm warning to those who delivered food into his doorstep. Jungkook followed up that he won’t consume the deliveries, despite some sasaeng’s intentions.

The maknae also assured everyone that he manages his diet well and will take legal action if the same occurrence happens again. This caught the close attention of ARMYs, who told off the people who invaded Jungkook’s privacy.

Jungkook stated:

“Don’t send food delivery to my house. I will not eat it even if you send it. While I’m grateful for the thought, I want to let you know that I eat well, so buy it just for yourself.”

“I ask of you. If you send it one more time, I will look up the number from the receipt and take legal action. So please, stop.”

2. TXT Beomgyu Gets Calls From Sasaengs During Livestream

TXT Beomgyu

(Photo : Esquire Korea)

Beomgyu of TXT also experienced sasaeng encounter on April 26, when he surprised MOAs with a live broadcast. While his live contained wholesome vibes, the positive interaction between him and fans was cut short due to sasaengs disrupting his stream.

Sasaengs started to call Beomgyu, causing the TXT member to reprimand the disruptive callers. The situation was so bad, he had to switch on his iPad since he can’t play music on his phone because of the piling calls.

3. NCT Taeyong’s Address Leak

NCT Taeyong

(Photo : Instagram: @taeoxo_nct)

Taeyong of NCT also went through a sasaeng experience. On April 23, NCTzens were enraged to learn of how Taeyong’s address got leaked on Twitter space. According to fans, the sasaeng was disguised as a mail courier. Netizens were also outraged about the incident, to the point of compiling more information and send it to SM Entertainment’s legal team.

4. SEVENTEEN Being Followed During Variety Show Recording

What's Wrong With Picture: SEVENTEEN's Preview Sends Chills After CARATs Spotted THIS

(Photo : @tbdkO Twitter)

What's Wrong With Picture: SEVENTEEN's Preview Sends Chills After CARATs Spotted THIS

(Photo : @tbdkO Twitter)

While recording for an episode of “Superman Returns,” eagle-eyed CARATs saw something unusual on the show’s promotional photos. A figure was seen lurking in the corner, who appears to be a sasaeng following SEVENTEEN. The person was also shown to be taking pictures of the members, who are strolling on the streets with the young cast.

Do you know any other scary sasaeng encounters? Let us know in the comments below.

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